A group of girls from NE PA who have have no morals, party like men, and can drink any other girl ((and a few guys *cough, cough, steve*)) under the table. They're not exactly popular, more like infamous. For them, legality is only a technicality. They run off shock value and are constantly holding someones attention. Hated by most girls. Loved by most guys.
To become one of us girls, you really have to work pretty hard. Its not all fun and games you know... becoming a vicous trollop takes a lot of effort
by The Original Us Girl October 22, 2007
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A girl who's already had sex and fucked someone. Often used by people talking about hitting her up.
Dude:Yo, Natalie's made hot, should I hit
Friend:Nah she's a used girl. She's fucked alot n shit, still gets angry when I bring it up around her.
Dude:She a hoe, I'm out.
by Necrozma Beam May 24, 2020
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Used to be girl/guy = someone who used to be attractive, intelligent or had something going for them, but partied it away. IE; waist potential
They are a Used to be girl/guy then the party caught up with them.
by Dr. Beckham June 5, 2020
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