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A mythical medical condition employed to explain to law enforcement officers as to why you were urinating in public.
"If I don't go when I feel like I have to...I could get Uromysitisis and die!" -- Seinfeld (The Parking Garage), paraphrased
by Justion Sage January 01, 2008
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A potentially deadly condition resulting from holding in one's urine for a prolonged period of time. The condition can result in acute poisoning when one is restricted by the arbitrary rules of society. Common treatments for uromysitisis include the "pee party".
"Doctors have told me that when I feel it the best thing to do is just release it... Why would I do it unless I was in mortal danger?... Because I could get ''uromysitisis'' poisoning and die, that's why." - Jerry Seinfeld (S03E06)
by TheFactualTruth August 05, 2016
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