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1. An overpriced, useless cup that you can buy if you click the "BUY THE MUG" button below this definition.
2. Known by the creators of this website to be a "Ceramic white Urban Dictionary 11 oz mug. One side has the word, one side has the definition. Microwave and dishwasher safe."
3. An desperate attempt to raise money for a online slang dictionary
Juan: How much does that Urban Dictionary Mug cost?
Trump: 25 dollars, my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars, so I'm rich enough to buy something as useless as an overpriced cup.
by RadiantSmash February 01, 2017
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1. (n) A liquid recepticle, custom-order printed with a definition from the online Urban Dictionary; 2. (n) An effective revenue-raising tactic for the aforementioned website, preferential to pleas for donations, or excessive site-advertising, also known as Page Whoring.
Sally: "Hi there Doug, I like your mug - what does it say?"

Doug: "It's an Urban Dictionary Mug. I was feeling rebellious, so I ordered this mug with the definition of 'Mug' on it - isn't that hilarious?"

Sally: "Lose your virginity, Doug."

Doug: "Your mum already handled it, Sally!"
by Jazzdrummer25 March 03, 2010
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A mug that has an urban dictionary definition on the front. (Any of you're choosing) You can buy from
Stranger: Hey, where did you get that Urban Dictionary Mug?

Me: FacePalm*
by xNoLimiTatioNx May 25, 2016
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a mug used for holding your morning coffee, adorning your choice of word with it's definition. can be used as a cup or as a very shallow bowl if you turn it upside down. dishwasher safe.
I use my urban dictionary mug everyday to hold my coffee while i browse through memes. If I didn't, my coffee would simply be all over the table.
by tumblr definitions July 21, 2017
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