Guidelines that are enforced in the Urban Dictionary website to make sure that definitions are quality, maybe even professional, and safe for the community.

Something pretty much nobody cares about.
Joe-Mama: bruh dont do that crazy stuff to an elementary school kid, cmon son
Son: consent age is like the urban dictionary content guidelines, nobody cares about it
by DoorStopHandle February 26, 2020
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The least enforced rules in the history of rules.
According to Urban Dictionary Content Guidelines, hate speech is not allowed. That's a lie.

If hate speech isn't allowed, then why is every definition of Donald Trump nothing more than just saying that he's a POS, and not actually meaningfully describing him?
by None of your beeswax, pal June 20, 2021
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Share definitions that other people will find meaningful and never post hate speech or people’s personal information.
All the definitions on Urban Dictionary were written by people just like you.
Please review Urban Dictionary's content guidelines before writing a definition.
by UrbanDictionaryOwl September 14, 2020
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Jake wants to put a slur on Urban Dictionary because hes an asshole.

He did and the mafia came for him
s Urban Dictionary's Content Guidelines means dont be Jake :)
by Kephen Sting February 23, 2021
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