This girl is one-of-a-kind she can never be replaced A person like this should be cherished because she is the most amazing person you’ll ever come across she care so deeply about her friends and will do anything to make them happy smile or laugh this person has the most sweetest soul ever and you don’t usually come across them because they are rare and special these are people that you can’t not love with your entire hearts they are truly fabulous
“Hey uranous your always so sweet to me thank you
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Somebody who infuses molten glass with an anion oxide of the heavy metal uranium, thus creating Vaseline glass marbles aka. uranated glass marbles -- although other items such as ashtrays, vases, commemorative glass insulators, etc. can be made with it.

Not to be confused with urinal or even urinator.
Hey Bob! Did you know that Husoos is a uranator now?
Yeah, he got a job at the Vaseline glass marble factory about three weeks ago.
by Telephony January 2, 2013
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{Usually glass} having been infused with an anion oxide of the heavy metal uranium. This glass glows a ghostly green when exposed to shortwave visible and longwave ultraviolet radiation.

Often called "uranium glass" or more frequently, "Vaseline glass" due to its resemblence to Vaseline® petroleum jelly.

Note spelling: urAnated, not urEnated, urInated, urOnated, urUnated, or sometimes urYnated. :-O
{John}: Hey Craig, are you going to perform spectroscopy of the fluorescense of a uranated glass marble when irradiated with thaty spiffy new violet laser?
{Craig} Why of course!!! Let me go fire up old Betsy now!
by Telephony December 22, 2011
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Uranic is the attraction to men and non-binaries or the attraction to all except females and female-aligned non-binaries.
Jon: I like guys but I also find certain non-binaries attractive, this means I'm not gay, so what would I be?

Levi: Hmm... I think that makes you Uranic!
by JimKongUn April 19, 2021
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A urinal for pooping. Essentially, it is a toilet, but you may not pee in it.
I had a uranal installed in my bathroom because I have IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and my hemroids.
by Havana January 14, 2008
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A great friend who is the life of the party. Has Plenty of friends and isn't shy to do anything. Very loyal to her friends and Asian.
Uran is Asian
by Dhdhhahxjvjdjsv April 14, 2018
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A bidet. A sink for washing your bunghole.
"Oh cool, the hotel bathroom has a uranal!" Said Esmeralda
by I Am Godzilla August 20, 2022
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