A rare condition similar to tennis elbow that disallows you from doing normal fitness test activities such as push ups, pull ups, and the flexed arm hang. This condition often goes undiagnosed for years and cannot be cured. It is often noticed in high school age girls. Symptoms include attempting to do push ups but not being able to bend the arms fully no matter how hard one tries, usually resulting in an entire collapse of the body to the floor and a grand total of zero push ups for gym class tests. This condition lasts a lifetime, and although many gym teachers may dub it an "excuse" for being lazy, it is a serious genetic disorder. People with push up elbow often lack upper body strength due to the disorder, however, there is a pattern of an above average ability to do sit ups in these patients.
"I'm sorry I cannot participate in the iron man fitness test, I have push up elbow"
by Iloveanimalssssssssssssss February 28, 2010
The act of inserting the fist and arm in vagina or rectum all the way up to the elbow.
You seeing Ginny again tonight?

Hellz yeah, bitch is going to take it up to the elbow, yo!
by Shuaman April 14, 2021
When you are totally involved in something illegal
He wouldn't say shit, because he's already in it up to his elbows.
by LuizLeitao July 2, 2015