A game with blocky graphics (that look gr8 btw) about zombies
Hey have you tried out that cool new f2p game Unturned on steam yet?
by xeflos May 18, 2015
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Brad is not a nice person.
He has a major server which is highely pay-to-win.
He has scammed many fans with endless sales.
He is a "developer" (not) which owns one of Unturned's top paying servers. Sad.
He sucks a lot.
Is that Brad (Unturned), I hate him? 🖕
by Endy The Cool Dude December 8, 2021
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Literally, it means you have turned over and looked beneath every possible stone. Idiomatically, it means you've looked everywhere you could and have done everything you could to try to solve some problem.
Dev: Didn't you find my book yet?
Ted: Believe me, I've left no stone unturned and did't find it.

("Leaving No Stone Unturned" example)
by AgentFire October 3, 2010
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on may 15 buff has to fix his unturned game or bron will kill him
"buff go fix your fucking unturned already"
"its national make buff fix unturned day"
by bronwynm May 15, 2021
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A zombie survival game that was made by a funky guy called Nelson Sexton.
Unturned is a blocky game with guns. It is currently quite popular gaining over 20,000 players at once.
Previous Unturned versions was viewed by large youtubers like Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye.
I love the game Unturned. It is free to play on Steam right now!
by Endy The Cool Dude December 8, 2021
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Funny blocky game that people get doxxed on.
Do you want to play unturned and probably get our ip's stolen.
by Epic Bozo May 6, 2022
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