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An untrollable, is quite possibly, the rarest of all trolls! They are created, when a cannibal troll, mates with a regular human. The untrollable's, troll side, is dormant for the most part, only coming out, when the untrollable is being trolled. These trolls go about business, like any other internet person. When threatened by a troll, the untrollable will waste the time of the troll, pretending to be too nice. In reality, the untrollable finds amusement, in the troll's feeble trolling attempts. The regular troll, usually realizes that it's being counter-trolled, and stops. When the untrollable finds that the troll is not there, the untrollable usually feels empty, but returns to his everyday life. The only way to troll an untrollable, is to troll them, then stop suddenly.
Troll: Yiff in hell, furfag!!!
Untrollable: Only if you're there. Johnny's not as big as you are.
Troll: Fuck you.
Untrollable: Murr!
Troll: Fag!
Untrollable: Only for you, m'love!
Troll: Britfag piece of shit.
Untrollable: Yes, my dad was a British anus.
Troll: **realises he's being counter trolled** Fuck this shit.
Untrollable: Okay! *takes fecal matter* UNF!!! UNF!! UNF!!
**no response**
Untrollable: **feels sad**
by The_Exuberant_Face August 18, 2010
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