Any feeling such as fear, jealousy, possessiveness, annoyance, dislike, hate, or wanting to kill, etc. While pleasantness being all feelings like happy, joyful, fun, peaceful, calm.
I have an allergy for unpleasantness.
by DenverE February 28, 2014
Perhaps one of the worst places in the world. Otherwise known as mt. pleasant. Please notice that i capitalize "Mt. Unpleasant" but not the other.
"Hey man, we gotta go into Mt. Unpleasant today. Regal Palmetto Grande is the only theatre left playing Toy Story 3
by Yiazmat XXV September 13, 2010
Roger: "Henrietta, I must insist, if we are to propagate the family line, you're just going to have to jolly well buck up, lie back and think of England."
Henrietta: "Oh, Roger, I thought you'd never ask! Let's head upstairs for some bedroom unpleasantness forthwith"
by G.P. The Guinea Pig January 25, 2016
A foul odor that escapes from a female's whooha.
Dude: "Holy shit woman that is one unpleasant cunt!"
Woman: "Oh yeah... I haven't washed in two days."
by Quentin_B December 11, 2006
A term used on fans (in most cases, a male) that can not be pleased with anything about a fandom.

Be it Anime, Sequels, Reboots, Games, Books, Movie adaptions of books, ect...

A Unpleasable Fanboy can always find something wrong with anything you like.
Dude, Tom was being such a Unpleasable Fanboy when we went to watch The Dark Knight. This is the last time I go to the movies with him.
by Kyrsea July 28, 2010
A fucking bitch who whines and bitches about every fucking thing
Hi I am a very unpleasant woman so I'm gonna ruin your fucking evening by spreading strife
by Boodylicious February 28, 2016