in American football when the quarterback decides to throw it long.

essentially, fuck it, I'm going long
Man, did you just see Brett Favre just unleash the dragon all over that defense.
by Essspeeee December 11, 2009
When one is using the facilities and is suddenly overcome by a rancid wafting stench. This stench occurs when gasious build-up from a rotten crotch is let free without warning, so said crotches owner can take a piss... or worse.

The larger the pants (the largest referred to as tent pants) and accompaning crotch, the more overwhelming the odor. Can cause sudden, convulsive vomiting, unconciousness, and in the worst cast scenario, death.
Stay out of the loo, some crazy bitch just Unleashed the Dragon!! Holy Crap!
by Tard November 5, 2004
The art of surprise punching someone from knee to thigh area whilst yelling " UNLEASH THE DRAGON"
Joey- Hey Mikey guess what
Joey- UNLEASH THE DRAGON! *punches Mikey in the thigh*
Mikey-Damn it Joey.
by The master, the creator February 10, 2012
Euphemism for exposing penis for urination or sex.

Used as a joke for people you expect to have a little wiener.

A warning of potential eye damage due to penis flopping around.
My little brother said he was gonna sex his girl up, I said what you about to unleash the dragon.

My girl was laying on the bed dripping wet and i warned her not to look directly at me while unleashing the dragon for she may lose an eye.
by Da215BigBen October 23, 2009