A current internet sensation that has swept the world, a brilliant conglomeration of colours, explosions and tacky 90's pop has been combined to create possibly the greatest accomplishment of mankind.

All other achievements and feats should be considered redundant under the awe of robot unicorn.
34 BC: The lord blessed the world with Jesus
2010 AD: The lord blessed the world with a far superior gift, Robot Unicorn

Joe: Hey man you finished that graduates essay?

Bob: Nah fuck that dude I was seshing it on robot unicorn
by big_bird69 August 24, 2010
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The awesomest and one of the most addicting games (also slightly effeminate) ever!! You will enjoy running through the purple fields and flying through the air leaving magic rainbow trails, all the while smashing through stars to chase your dreams! And it has a pretty damn good song.
Jim: Why didn't you call me last night?
Frank: Sorry i was to busy chasing my dreams in Robot Unicorn Attack!
by mister muggles March 1, 2010
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the definition of FUN. chase your dreams of gliding with dolphins as a robot unicorn that jumps with rainbows and smashes through stars while listening to a very catchy tune that is as hilarious and addictive as the game. after hours of non-top playing you will find yourself singing "open your eyes and see, that your eyes are open"
status update:
reached 100,000 on robot unicorn attack today after 3 hours of game play

bet you cant beat 123,000 bitch. I chase my dreams better than you on my iphone now
by nasthia861 July 6, 2010
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Robot Unicorn Defenestration (RUD)

The strategy of chatting your friends on facebook in the hopes of making them lose control of their unicorn on Robot Unicorn Attack and getting a less than desirable score for one of their rounds.
One person, "Hey you suck at Robot Unicorn Attack"
Addict to Robot Unicorn Attack "NO ITS NOT MY FAULT HE USED Robot Unicorn Defenestration (RUD) AGAINST ME!!!!!!"
by Chazzaroni December 17, 2010
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A Unicorn Robot is a tool used by Females and/or homosexual Males as a form of deep masterbation.

It consists of a plastic/silicon dildo mounted on a robotic arm to automatically thrust and retract at intervals.
Chloe: “Hey, girls! You want to try my Unicorn Robot?”
Girls: *gasp* “When did you get this? Oh my god let’s do it!”
by kakaree February 26, 2019
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