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A current internet sensation that has swept the world, a brilliant conglomeration of colours, explosions and tacky 90's pop has been combined to create possibly the greatest accomplishment of mankind.

All other achievements and feats should be considered redundant under the awe of robot unicorn.
34 BC: The lord blessed the world with Jesus
2010 AD: The lord blessed the world with a far superior gift, Robot Unicorn

Joe: Hey man you finished that graduates essay?

Bob: Nah fuck that dude I was seshing it on robot unicorn
by big_bird69 August 24, 2010
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An Australian term used to describe an abnormaly large Four-Head. The men and women cursed with this hideous deformity are harassed with hatred induced abuse and continuous death threats.
My friend Cameron has a mad Borid, and because of this is considered the scum of the earth .
by big_bird69 August 2, 2010
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