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1. Someone who is unique and colorful.

2. One who is extremely punk without neccesarily being an anarchist, very emo without being sad, super scene without being scene...ish.

3. One who may or may not wear socks that don't match, only eat Twizzlers at noon on Fridays when it's raining, drink tea from a flower vase, watch YouTube videos when bored, sleep on orange squishy pillows, talk about the dude wearing short pants who yells about the apocolypse, have walls almost entirely covered with posters, and have the amazing ability to not be label-able.

4. One who is their own shiny jacket.
Ex. 1. Starshine, Panda, Leroy, and Beaver dressing up in Halloween costumes in June (based on a manga) laughing at how stupid a 'spooky story' about a walking chair was.

Outsider: Now THAT'S UniQ.

2. Jim: I saw a couple of UniQs walking in the mall- this girl with a panda bag and some guy wearing a jester hat. They had these socks... I have to get me some of those socks.

3. Mary: I got this umbrella and drew tiny umbrellas on it, then inside the tiny umbrellas, I put tiny umbrellas...
Erin: It's been UniQ'd.
by Starshine the Brave August 06, 2007
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