1. Unclean and constituting a likely cause of disease.

2. Dirty, filthy, disgusting, infected, diseased, highly offensive, repulsive.

3. Slang term used for men who cheat and/or sleep with prostitutes and so have likely caught a disease.
1. His crib was so unhygienic, I took one look and left.

2. Yeah I dumped his ass coz he was unhygienic, if you know what I mean.

3. Girl 1: I saw your exboyfriend Magan acting all unhygienic the other nite.
Girl 2: Yeah well that's why I got rid of him. Can't be doing with that kinda filth.

by saahnygal January 23, 2008
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unhygienic is a word used to describe something being cool or very good.. usually used to describe an 'ill' tune. Relates directly to the complimentry words 'disgusting' and 'messy'
Clarke: i love this new grime riddim
Matt: yeeeeeeaaaah boi, dis tune is unhygienic blud!
Clarke: fo' shizzle dizzle
by Jack Da Rippa January 31, 2006
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someoNE WHO IS SICK AF AND DOESN'T CARE IF THEY GET YOU SICK AS FUUUUUUUUUUCK (don't wash hands, cover mouth, sneeze on you, etc.)
Tyler is sick, It seemed that over the weekend he had caught a cold from someone. Probably one of his friends who hadn't bothered to wash their hands or spread it Via coughing. (unhygienic little shit)
by H0i I 3xiXct February 5, 2017
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