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1. Unclean and constituting a likely cause of disease.

2. Dirty, filthy, disgusting, infected, diseased, highly offensive, repulsive.

3. Slang term used for men who cheat and/or sleep with prostitutes and so have likely caught a disease.
1. His crib was so unhygienic, I took one look and left.

2. Yeah I dumped his ass coz he was unhygienic, if you know what I mean.

3. Girl 1: I saw your exboyfriend Magan acting all unhygienic the other nite.
Girl 2: Yeah well that's why I got rid of him. Can't be doing with that kinda filth.

by saahnygal January 23, 2008
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unhygienic is a word used to describe something being cool or very good.. usually used to describe an 'ill' tune. Relates directly to the complimentry words 'disgusting' and 'messy'
Clarke: i love this new grime riddim
Matt: yeeeeeeaaaah boi, dis tune is unhygienic blud!
Clarke: fo' shizzle dizzle
by Jack Da Rippa January 31, 2006
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