The act of taking a picture of one's posterior area without his/her knowledge or consent.
"Did you just Uncle Dick me?"
"Check out my pics, man. Been Uncle Dicking these chicks all day!"
by urnin December 3, 2013
Reference to Vice President Dick Cheney who is reputed to play a significant role in running the country all the while scowling.

Definition - A snarling puppetmaster who rules from behind a curtain.
"Yeah, he's a regular Uncle Dick."
by jaymz October 14, 2004
an uncle with an excessively dirty bird it is often smelly enough to seep through denim. it is due to dick cheese usaully.
oh say did smell uncle dirty dick yesterday i wish he would shower and stop jacking his wenis all day.
by uncle buttcracker November 4, 2009