4 definitions by jaymz

Reference to Vice President Dick Cheney who is reputed to play a significant role in running the country all the while scowling.

Definition - A snarling puppetmaster who rules from behind a curtain.
"Yeah, he's a regular Uncle Dick."
by jaymz October 14, 2004
Squalay is the police, Like in The Game's song Certified Gangster.
Jim Jones: "See 5-0 slow the ride"
"I see squalay nigga"
by jaymz April 1, 2005
Short for thought so. Usually used in a derogatory way.
Greg: Man I fucked Anna last night.
Justin: Your mum said you were at the library
Greg: Oh shit. Yeah I lied
Justin: ohhhh TS you dickhead
by jaymz August 25, 2004
short for Pretty Much, Tea Bag. Which is a way of saying Yes.
Freddy: Did you pick up last night at the party?
Greg: PM TB
by jaymz August 25, 2004