This is a band in Tallahassee, Florida, which consists of four homosexuals, whom all enjoy wearing tight pants, v necks, long hair, talking like bitches, playing power chords, and being repetitive. Here are some famous Unclaimed quotes.

"Every music is repetitive"

"Sounds like someone has on the delay pedal"

"Does Kinkos do album covers?"

"We need to sell 1000 albums."

"I prefer my women to have heads the size of baseballs."

"I like taking it up the ass."

One member of the band even represents Florida, by getting an outline of the state, tattooed, on his chest. Here are some quotes from him.

"It was 200 dollars, but my mom paid for it."

Unclaimed's major audience, are 14 year old christian girls, who will never put out, and are also very unattractive. But that's fine, because those guys are gay.
"Hey man, have you seen Unclaimed live?"

"Why would I? All it is, is a huge sodomizing party, with power chords, and shitty guitar."

"Yeah, for sure."
by Nathan Johnson/Awesome May 17, 2009
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The generation which aren’t 90s kids, don’t relate to the 2000s kids but are far from the jake paul generation. Kid born from October 2002 to April 2004(no earlier or later) aren’t claimed by the older generation but are to distant too the younger generation. They know all the 2000s kids trends yet they’re unclaimed. So here you are you little nickers, you’re just your own generation.
My sister was born in July of 2003, she’s splat bang in the middle of the unclaimed generation.
by vinesdeadhun June 22, 2018
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Unclaimed Baggage is about issues that are unresolved, problems with denial or not taking responsibility for negative behavior. As in someone who brings their personal baggage into a relationship.
Sure she’s hot but she comes with too much unclaimed baggage”
by Faultliner January 20, 2023
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A person who sucks anyone's cock. Yet, a person nobody claims. Unlike a claimed cocksucker who only sucks their significant other's cock, this type of cocksucker sucks any and all cock they can get their hands and/or mouth on.
Fuck you, you unclaimed cocksucker!
by JayRock69 June 3, 2023
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