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cool, awesome, and funny. talks super loud and loves to TALK
blows every ones ears off, and is a mic!!!!! loves taloos and all, and loves lahore for some reason! can get really annoying and has braces.
undefinable in mood, random snappiness,and thinks their the best and thinks that everyone loves them more!!
your an umaymah, always on the phone and talking so loud!
by lala2000 March 22, 2010
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Umaymah is a loud (bubbly) character and is very funny and talkative. Also is very sarcastic and speaks what she thinks.Somtimes can get herself into trouble if she's not careful. Shy at first but easy to open up she's very forgiving.
Umaymah is a person with an open character and is not affraid to get her feelings out.
by umaymah character April 07, 2019
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