The act of passing and kidney stone during intercourse into your partner’s mouth, while they suck on it until it disappears.
After my recent diagnosis, the wife and I decided to try something different in bed so I gave her an umami gobstopper.
by yunGull June 24, 2020
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In a can of mixed nuts, it is only the pecans that possess a peculiar earthy flavor that is the essence of pure nuttiness. That essence, that is even more pronounced in the hickory nut, is that under-flavor that is nut umami, which can also be measured in intensity. Walnuts, especially black walnuts, have a more bitter drying flavor, that is at the bitter end of the nut umami spectrum, whereas the pecan and hickory are in the balanced and more centered warm spot on the nut umami scale.
Those roasted pecans exude the most wonderful nut umami.
by December 17, 2020
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A person who is flavorful yet he/she doesn't live to his/her full flavor. This person is exciting but doesn't act on his/her wants or feelings.
She's such bland umami
by sachikatdare July 09, 2015
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a lover that is difficult to find. Beautiful, intelligent and above all caring. Always takes the time to make sure you are ok and shows interest in you and your life. Sees only the best in you. Most likely a sushi-fanatic or Asian.
Q's a typical 'umami ' type of guy
by aboutkew November 28, 2017
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