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To give everything you have to save someone or something that you hold most dear. Requires that you give yourself, in order to provide them sanctuary.
Trading your own life for the lives of many would be an example of the Ultimate Sacrifice.
by Last Pariah October 11, 2010
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The most selfless act one can manage.
An even greater honor than The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

This is when you give your life up so one can keep theirs. A true hero.
The ultimate sacrifice can be performed by:

Taking a bullet for one you love

Shoving them out of the path of an oncoming vehicle in exchange for you being hit

Serving as a human shield in any sort of attack

A mother will often perform the ultimate sacrifice by instinct
by jmnthemchine October 22, 2013
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The Ultimate Sacrifice is an extremely patriotic & heroic devotion to one's country, particularly in the United States of America. The Ultimate Sacrifice is what you make of it, but generally it is on an extreme level, exceeding that of death.
"If you want the definition of patriotism & an example of the Ultimate Sacrifice, play Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater."
by Dave November 21, 2004
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This is the ability to be willing to do give up all you have to show you love your one true love. . .This doesnt mean to give up going after them it means the ability to chase her around the world and let her realize you need her more than anything else. ..
John just to show how much he loved Elizabeth was willing to have the ultimate sacrifice for her and stopped everything and joined the army to be able to make her dreams come true if she gave you a chance again
by John Wagenaar March 13, 2006
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An act of selflessness that exceeds all others, as you are willing to put the lives and sanctuary of others above yourself, to the point where you are willing to let your life be claimed if it means that the lives of many are spared. Some are informed of the Ultimate Sacrifice when they enlist, but others may never be reminded of it. Regardless, Memorial Day is in observance to those who saved many lives in the line of duty, but unfortunately, they never got to see the fruits of their labor.
To be willing to die to save another... That is the Ultimate Sacrifice.
by Hardstuck Internet May 27, 2019
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