a very very very ugly peson. who you would really call them a ugly ass but u talk to fast or you just like the word uglass better.
ew. look at that uglass !
by feliciacourtney June 08, 2007
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Uglass(adj.)- slang for "ugly ass"
Used to make fun of someone's appearence or current action.
"Aye Billy getcho' lil' uglass outa here!"
"Look at the way he's walkin', uglass lookin ass."
by Ben Looper February 22, 2018
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Short for "ugly ass." Often used when roasting a stupid or, obviously, ugly individual.
Tyrone: Aye yo, Jerome! I just copped me the new Skechers Z-Straps, my nigga!
Jerome: Boy, Tyrone, if you don't sit yo uglass down somewhere and take them whack ass Payless shoes with you.
by dejaigh September 24, 2018
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