The thickest thot in your friend group
“She’s totally the uca of the group
by Bigdaddydad April 13, 2020
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University College Application Service, or something like that. Basically a service that allows you to apply for universities that is so incredibley long winded and complex that you loose the will to live as one uni after another rejects you.
"You have been rejected from <insert univeristy name here>. Better luck next year!"

by Bone Idle Student March 3, 2005
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The United Clan of Assassins. UCA is the best clan for Call of Duty, Call of Duty United Offensive and Call of Duty 2.

Phil: Whats up Steven?

Steven: Oh, not much. I was just pwned by UCA again.

by .:[UCA]:.S4ntiago May 18, 2007
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a fucking bitch who jerks off to midget porn on the daily god i can’t stress this enough holy fuck he’s a loser AHAHA
e uca
by LennyLubricant173869 April 27, 2020
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A form. Not to be confused with the bionic, even though it does cost £6M maaaaan, understaaaaand? Me neither.
"John Evans please sign for your UCAS form again" - Noddy Holder
by Cunt von Cunt November 6, 2003
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UCAS is a university processing system in the United Kingdom. Part of an application consists of a single page document called a personal statement.

This personal statement ideally should explain why you should be accepted to the course.

A UCAS whore is a person who loses all social activity and a life in order to do things to put down on their personal statement. Usually it comes to the point of idiocy whereby they get their parents to phone into school in order to force the school to give their whore spawn more extracurriculars.

A UCAS whore usually wants to do medicine, but is not limited in their course scope. They also do things such as Political Talks despite wanting to do medicine and not realising it will NOT HELP THEM AT ALL get onto the course.

Sadly it is a plague sweeping the teenage youth of Britain.
"Hey, wanna hang out on Saturday?"

"Nah I'm scrubbing the homeless's assholes for my personal statement, then I'm pouring coffee for a local councillor"

"Uh, what course did you want to do again?"


"Good for you. I'm going now *under breath* UCAS whore cunt prick"

"Medicine. Medicine.Medicine. I have no other purpose".
by vexed123 June 26, 2010
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UK: The nervousness and fear that accompanies waiting for universities to reply to offers.
by Obnoxious_Z October 17, 2010
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