A game which, when released, will re-write the book on first person shooters, vehicular combat, and online gaming.
UT2k4 is gonna be so hot it'll blow your socks off. Then it'll vaporize them.
by Cataphract_40 February 06, 2004
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Unreal Tournament, a revolutionary multiplayer first person shooter on the pc released in 1999. The revolutionary part was that it has never been easier to join other person's game and set up a game of your own. Also it was a game where you needed to play alot to improve your skills (unlike Quake where it was pick up & play and takes no time to master)


K means Kilo, Kilo means one thousand. 2K is multiplying K with two. In maths when using a symbol, a multiplier symbol (example: X or *) is not required, therefore 2K=2 x K=2 x 1000=2000, add the 4 and you have 2004.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is the latest version of the original dating back to 1999. It relies on the same basics but has become even more user friendly, cheater unfriendly and has added statistic tracking which keeps track of the user's favorite mode, map, weapon and his/her accuracy, kills, deaths, suicide. Another addition was a new mode called Onslaught, which is a strategic team based mode with vehicles.
1# Dude, UT2k4 totally rocks
2# I know, UT2k4 owns every other shooter
1# Like duh, it's really UT in 2k4.
by 2FacedJanus December 23, 2004
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Hey Lets go challenge »ùTá« on UT2K4!!!

(irc.protium.org / #clanuta)
by uTaDexter August 04, 2004
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Vastly superior to UT2k3, which will bring the old UT99 peeps back.
Clan Ci is the best clan in Ut2k4. #clanci at irc.gamesurge.net or ETG
by raZe February 20, 2004
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