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An acronym for "U.S. Women's National Team." Although there are U.S. women's national teams for other sports, the acronym "USWNT" specifically refers to the soccer team. USWNT hash tags are the standard way to refer to the soccer team.

The USWNT won the 2012 gold medal in the Olympics and a bunch of other stuff since the team started in 1985. FIFA ranks the USWNT as the #1 women's team in the world.
Person 1: "Who is your favorite player on the USWNT?"
Person 2: "Alex Morgan."
Person 3: "Megan Rapinoe."
Person 4: "Sydney Leroux."
by adsdasadsaasd September 27, 2013
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The US Women's National Team, referred to as the soccer team. They are probably the most badass women you will ever meet.
Person 1: Who is your favorite player on the USWNT?
Person 2: Morgan Brian, she's a badass
by Krashlyn Trash May 07, 2016
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Literally the best thing ever. Stands for United States Women's National (Soccer) Team. This group of women will forever be idolized by young female soccer playing athletes. They all work together with phenomenal working together skills
Damn, look at the uswnt, they are insanely good
by j_kav February 14, 2017
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