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Verb: A soccer (football) term used to describe a perfect cross to a teammate for a goal. Usually the pass is from a distance and to the head of the goal scorer.

The origin of the word comes from US WNT player Megan Rapinoe who made the amazing game-winning cross to Abby Wambach in the 122nd minute of the 2011 World Cup match vs Brazil.

Can also be referred to as "pinoed".
1. John rapinoed the ball to Martin for an incredible goal.

2. She pinoed the ball past the defender and goalkeeper onto Maria's head for the score.
by TrevorB123 September 26, 2011
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Verb: To Rapinoe. Plural form: Rapinoes. Past tense: Rapinoed. To perform an expansive gesture of triumph or accomplishment in the style of Megan Rapinoe after her goal vs France in the 2019 Women's World Cup quarterfinals. Form: standing tall, arms upraised and to the sides. Slight torso tilt, left hand higher than right. Chest out, head tilted slightly back and to left, chin defiant, gazing to distance, a look of serene satisfaction on the face.

Noun form: The Rapinoe
"If I hit this shot, you know I'm going to Rapinoe."
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by Tobadef July 09, 2019
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A cocky, full-of-yourself attitude that leads you to believe you are better than others and especially men.
"Dude you aren't that good, don't be a rapinoe."
by Howlfly April 06, 2021
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