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UPG: Unverified Personal Gnosis. Often used in neo-pagan religious discussions to preface or qualify a particular statement on metaphysical reality, this signifies that the information in question is based only on a personal revelation and not on broadly-accepted historical fact or verified documentation. If enough people share the same personal revelation, UPG may evolve over time into VPG (Verified Personal Gnosis), also sometimes known as Community Gnosis.
"My UPG is that Frigga dresses in shades of light blue."
by Saga Vorsdottir July 29, 2018
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UPG stands for Unsolicited Penis Glance. This occurs when a man is in public or a semi-public place and he witnesses or is informed of someone who has glanced in his general crotch or groin area.
Amy: Why is it so easy to catch men who stare when a woman is wearing a bikini?

Bill: Don't act like you don't do it with our speedos.

Amy: Yeah, you're right. I just love to ponder about what might be under those things.

Bill: I know, I caught you doing a UPG just yesterday.
by E.F. Tymac April 19, 2012
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