A U-Haul lesbian is a LGBTQ+ (specifically lesbian) term for a lesbian who gets attached very quickly. The joke that goes along with this term is “What does a lesbian bring on the second date? A U-Haul.” Because they get so attached that they bring a moving truck to move in immediately with their significant other.
I went on a date with a U-Haul lesbian. She annoyed me so much that I won’t go on a second date.
by jawanna blowme? January 7, 2020
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These are Lesbians that after meeting someone tend to move in with that person right away. It is a very unhealthy type of behavior that stems from their inability to date the preferred sex when they were younger for fear of retaliation or chiding.
Claire is such a U-Haul Lesbian, she met JoJo last week and they have already moved in together.
by Dr. Battleship DeCock March 14, 2008
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