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a girl that thinks she is a blobfish. a Tymay is a very negative person, but people still like her. she hates bitches named Lisa. a Tymay is usually a good kid, with evil qualities such as making kids feel bad about themselves, punching people, and saying stuff like, "Your face is not nice" (heh heh heh) . her good qualities are making people feel good about themselves, always telling the truth(most of the time), and giving money to people(but she does not give bitches money). Tymay is a fucking beautiful kool kid. As she says,"You will never be better than a blobfish".
OMG! I wish I was a Tymay! She is so fucking pretty.
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by Blobfish fish December 19, 2018
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A very funny person. You will love being around her. She is lovable and considerate. She rather be single. So no chances boy!
Man, I wish I was a Tymay!
by Blobfish fish June 11, 2018
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