Two people are having sex. The third person is having oral sex performed on himself/herself by one of the people having sex.
Guy One: Yo, I totally took those two girls back home at the same time; it was awesome.
Guy two: You had a threesome?
Guy one: Not exactly. I only boned one of the chicks and ate the other one out at the same time. It was a Two and a Half-some.
Guy two: You are a legend!
by Dobs October 05, 2007
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When you have a tattoo if a penis on your penis and then have sex. It's not a threesome as there's not three people, but a it is twoandahalfsome because there is two penises.
I got a new tattoo now I can have a twoandahalfsome.
by D3I May 15, 2016
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