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A Twitter vixen (Twitter + Vixen = Twixen). A girl who has many male followers on Twitter, and makes frequent flirty posts on the microblogging site to/about them.

A Twixen often posts cute, witty responses to posts to/about her by her followers, likely posts photos of herself, and uses smiley faces a lot. see
@sbaicker: hey kids! vote for finger food in the phield's phillies blog bracket!

@number23_rob: what's in it for me?

@sbaicker: my undying affection... and maybe a cupcake? :)

@carlhannah: @sbaicker Twixen.
by TwitterDictionary411 March 27, 2010
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1. Two or more packages of Twix candy.

2. The two individual Twix bars inside one package.
Even though the vending machine was in direct sunlight, the Twix was still two independent Twixen.
by kwaping February 24, 2010
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