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Zealous fans of the Twilight books and movies. They are usually female; hence the twat after the twi. However, a Twitwat can also be a man as once he becomes absorbed into the series or is dragged to watch the movies by his girlfriend or wife he ceases to be male for that period of time. Twitwats are also oblivious to Robert Pattinson's hatred for the movies, his character and how he is secretly laughing his ass off at them while getting rich and getting tons of hot bitches.
You're just a Twitwat who wants to be shagged by a sparkling vampire and a loser who turns into a werepoodle!

The Twitwats bleached their skin albino and wore yellow contacts to pay their respects to Edward Cullen.

The Twitwat imitated Kristen Stewart's excessive blinking in hopes of attracting a man like Edward Cullen.
by Headst0ck June 29, 2010
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Mash up of twat and twit. A female of the particular annoying variety often found on social media such as kik or any other group chat. She takes up the convo with mindless prattle. She often lets others know how unstable she is talking about how her ocd/adhd lends her to over analyze or get bored easy. She will always bring some type of drama in to satisfy her need for attention. Also she might frequently descibe herself as a supporter and reassure others repeatedly she is not a thirsty hoe though. Devode of any substance, intellect or intelligence once so ever.
This one is such a twitwat. No one can carry on an actual conversation when that skanks online.
by B2theHemtB September 19, 2018
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A "TRUE" Vampire . Someone who bites their own arm when dinners ready. A Twi-Twat is a total twat who is obsessed with the religion of twilight.
A Twi-Twat someone who thinks getting held back a year means there immortal and never grow old.
by True-Twitard June 13, 2010
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