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An argument on Twitter which there is no winner and one person claims a false statement while the other claims a false idea in which there is no right answer and bias is the only thing that walks away with anything. Tends to tear relationships apart due to their blatant stupidity and pointlessness. Most people would rather watch FOX News for an hour than go through 10 tweets of such argument.
Joe1242: OMG Bono is Jesus.
Steve683: @Joe1242 No he's not, Al Gore is our Savior.
Joe1242: @Steve683 Well if that's the case, then your mom is a hoe.
Steve683: @Joe1242 You mom is MY hoe, and so is your grandma.
Joe1242: @Steve683 Don't talk about my mom that way, you're almost as bad as Sean Hannity.
Julia559: @Joe1242 @Steve683 You both are stupid and I'm gonna go watch Hannity instead of listen to your Twitter Drama.
by Shaun Kor November 17, 2010
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