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A ticket for an event purchased or won via Twitter. Twitter Tickets
@onstagebedford gave away twickets to their production of THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE just for following them on Twitter.
by dennisactor August 07, 2010
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When you are guaranteed to get laid

Origin: Twat+ticket
Yo Mike, I got a twicket tonight, i'm goin out with that slut Nina Difranco
by Tig Jakah October 06, 2007
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1) A single hair located near the rectum or scaif which seems to be imune to shaving, making its removal extremely difficult.
2) A long pube found the stall of a public restroom that doesn't flush down.
1) I have this twicket on my ass that's realy pissing me off.
Don't make me pluck your fucking twicket asshole
2) Yo check out the twicket in the second stall its huge.
by spermalishious timmy May 20, 2008
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