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Twication is a term used to describe the activity that Twilight Saga fans engage in when travelling to tourist destinations associated with the books or films of the series.

These destinations can be divided into settings or locations. Settings are places where the narrative of the books take place (Forks, La Push, Port Angeles, Washington, US and Volterra, Italy, while locations are the physical sites where the movies have been shot (Portland, Oregon, US, British Columbia, Canada and Montepulciano, Italy). In addition to these destinations, fans travel to partake in offical and unoffical Twilight Saga (e.g. TwiCon) events in cities over the world.


Lundberg, C., Lexhagen, M. and Mattsson, S. (2011) I populärkulturturismens spår: Twilight + Vacation = Twication©. Jengel Förlag AB: Sweden.
I'm taking a twication, going with some friends to Forks to stay at the Cullen House and to shop Twilight souvenirs.
by DrCL December 22, 2011
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Taking a break from Twitter and "tweeting". A vacation from Twitter.
I am so sick of telling people what I am doing every second of the day, I need a Twication.
by pjcloud9 August 17, 2009
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