Being a very cute, adorable little Tweety bird imitation.
My mamacita looks adorable over there; she be twerkin.
by sand_al_man April 9, 2009
When my girlfriend Fab twerks while urinating.
Did you see Fabby dancing in the toilet, she's such a twerkinator!!
by FabSweanEve September 14, 2013
Hey traditional mating dance perform by the ratchets. Normally during a party school or while loud music is around.
by Giggles007 August 28, 2015
When you are doing work, whether it be for school or for a job, and simultaneously watching/listening to porn on your second monitor (but not jerking off).
Mom: Joey are you… workin and twerkin???
Joey: No mom it’s was a virus!!
by Long Horse Short Walk October 11, 2021
When ya girl is thirsty af and twerks on your inner thigh.
Girl, you thursty witcho saddle twerkin’ ass.
by Dislikablefake January 3, 2018
When a female sexually pleasures herself
Lucy: "Hey thanks for that picture - it'll really help me when I'm twerkin it out tonight..."
by ablondeindiskize1 July 20, 2009
To make your breast clap during sex or dancing.
My girls tits are always titty twerkin during doggystyle.
by WigPusha January 14, 2015