Retweeting someones tweet and leaving out an important part of the original message for your own means or agenda.
Yours is NOT a RT. U completely tweetjacked my message w/UR agenda!
by AMPundit June 19, 2009
To post tweets in a hashtag thread or stream that are off topic from the intended purpose of a twitter feed. These posts are often purposefully satirical or lewd in nature and are intended to seize attention away from the intended purpose of the topic or stream.
The Twitter feed for the real estate conference I attended was tweetjacked by someone who kept posting information about their least favorite smells.
by dmhicks August 5, 2010
The act of tweeting on ones behalf, usually without their permission or knowing.
Sean wondered why Hoshi's Twitter feed was full of random chaos...only to find out later in the day, he had been tweetjacked.
by shoulderhawk April 16, 2009