is a person that waits for you to tweet something , then talks about what you tweet in they're next tweet (subtweet) ..
" DAMN ! I am too cute today . Wearin my cute heels & this tight dress :) "

" she know good & well she aint cute "
*the last person was a Twatchers*
by to RAW for you August 4, 2011
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A twatcher is someone who just reads other peoples twitter feeds and doesn't contribute anything of their own to the conversation--a twitter voyeur. A twatcher may or may not have a twitter account of their own.
Sarah: Did you see that textsfromlastnight Kyle tweeted last night. Haha, two guys.
Becky: You're not on twitter, how did you see that?
Sarah: Umm, it's called an RSS feed.
Becky: Girl, you are such a twatcher!
Sarah: I don't like using at signs and you know that!
by topherjaynes February 25, 2010
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Someone that secretly watches a woman masturbate. A specialized pervert.
Karen, I drove by your house last night and there was a twatcher outside your window watching you destroy your genitals.
by Off Grid Dave September 9, 2019
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Someone who is on twitter following a whole lot of people. Never tweets anything but watching watever body else is saying cause they dont have no life.
If you twatchin, this tweet is for you twatcher!
by Dezjae05 September 8, 2010
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