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Time Waster.

Customers that come in that never buy anything they just want to talk.

People who have all day to do nothing when you have 101 things to do.

Someone who spends more time talking about doing something then actually getting it started.

Bad or painful foreplay
Best used in Retail:
Customer: Yeah... I was thinking about buy a computer, but since I have been laid off its been.... bla bla bla bla yackety smackety bla bla (30 mins later) and my son is a computer expert that work for the military and he went to college for all this but bla bla bla

Sale guy #2: Dude! He was a total twaster!

Sale Guy #1: Yeah I could have made three sales by the time he was was done telling me he didn't really need anything he was just out an about.
Guy: You like that?
Girl: Uhmm it feels good daddy (bored look on her face)
Guy: I am gonna do this to you all night.

Next day on the phone with girlfriend...
Girl: Gurrrrl he was nothing but a twaster. I could have stayed at home and done better by myself.
by askme1 August 10, 2014
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