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Pronunciation: Twah(low) - leh(high)

It's a West African slang mostly used by Nigerians. When said, it's used to show respect, appreciation or salute someone with higher reputation or swag than you, or even jokingly with friends and family, most especially when you want something from them. For example: help or mostly money. It's said before and after the request has been granted.

In other words it's used for praising a person in other to get something.
When I saw the chief coming, I raised my hands up, stomped my feet and shouted, "twale sir!" and he gave me 50 Bucks immediately!
by Sammy Fash September 06, 2016
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a mix between a wale and a tree
haha its a twale
by gibboss28 December 23, 2003
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