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Used in reference to the prescription cough medicine brand Tussionex which contains hydrocodone. Often mixed with a flavored beverage before consumption, which is referred to as syrup.
"I'm a pass out from sippin' all that tuss."
"You got that tuss?"
by clz January 31, 2006
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Tuss in Cornish dialect literally means "erection", but is more broadly used as a general insult for one who is inept or unlikeable in some way.
"Turn the radio off, i hate that tuss Scott Mills" or "pass the ball to me, tuss"
by Jimmers May 19, 2005
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Tuss is the perscription cough syrup, that is purple, yellow or orange. This stuff fucks you up and make you sleep like baby.
Sippin Tuss started out in Texas and has grown in popularity all around the country. Some idiots think that Robutussin and tuss are the same thing, trust me they are not. You cant buy this shit over the counter.
"Drinkin Robutussin and Nyquill and calling it Tuss is like taking a tylenol and sayin its a x pill."
by Sippin that syrup March 28, 2006
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affectionate word for robitussin generally used by those who enjoy drinking it for fun.
hey man, you wanna drink tuss tonight? piss yeah d00d!
by erik f. neumann February 08, 2005
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most likely originally a proper noun, though is often used as a verb, adjective, expletive or interjection - for these uses it conjugates regularly

linguists have traced the etymology of the word "t'uss" to a corruption of sinified (i.e. chinese-ised) pronunciation of the letter "t": this is exemplified in the articulative process "t'erh", "t'oerh", "t'uss"
1. "t'uss, man"
2. "fuckin t'uss"

1. "where's the t'uss?"
2. "dunno. t'uss."
1. "ah, you absolute t'uss"
by t'usswor April 14, 2011
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Used by younger generation as slang or similie for 'tail' or 'puss'. Sometimes used as tussy.
Man I sure hope we get some tuss this weekend.
by CSells March 19, 2004
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A word which can be deployed in any situation, but only if used within the context of a physical movement towards what is being expressed. Speakers of the language will be able to deploy the word in more complex situations to denote increasingly complex expressions if they practice the language constantly, along with at least 3 other persons.
Mate are you t'ussing to the t'uss later on (only used if the participants of the language have previously discussed going to the pub).
by polytechnic arsonist June 11, 2010
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