Kind,funny,very fast,loving,smart,silly in a good way
by Bumblebee361 September 24, 2010
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A strange young man. Has a big personality but always has his inner child showing. Can be caring, and has a big heart but doesn't show it to often.
by Weezyf_katiee November 9, 2013
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a fat messy sloppy nosy jerry curl wearin raggedy house livin in ass hoe
ooohy tusie get on my fuckin nerves!
by dallas chick 2004 September 9, 2004
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The celebrity of Powerline.Io that most people don't even know how they got so popular
Random Player's Name: "TUSYSOUL #1 FAN
Average Player: Tf is Tusy SouL
by IRobo_Lover January 14, 2023
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Sweet,kind,Friendly,Very fast,crazy in a good way,Charlix
Tusie(2) please be my my friend
by Bumblebee361 September 25, 2010
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An awesome bro who will always be there for you, everyone needs a Tusy in their life. No homo.
That guy is cool but he's not Tusy level cool.
by Danny Gat November 23, 2021
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Being fucked up on some drug.
Yo this dude is real tusy (boy)
by tusyfriend September 1, 2019
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