Adjective: When some one acts agressive, annoying and persistantly cocky.
He has been acting turple all day.
by C Adams June 16, 2010
Random guy: Wow that Turtle is f*ng purple!
you: Thats no turtle, its a Turple.
by Zu0 August 18, 2011
1. A Turtle That is Purple
2. A Cute Novelty Cute name
by AngieCakes October 10, 2006
"My favorite color is turple, not quite turquoise not quite that's right, purple, be ya hands up, put ya fuckin hands up"
by Tiffany judson August 22, 2009
Turple: adj. def: Beyond the previously imagined. The embodiment of forward/revolutionary thoughts, ideas and actions

Also conveniently rhymes with Purple.
Dang, whoever thought of a word that rhymes with Purple that is actually usable in everyday conversation was pretty Turple.
by sundoll November 2, 2009
1. A small collection of road signs usually found on the side of a highway or large road.
2. Generalized to include a small collection of any object.
"Dude, check that turple up there, our exit is in 2 miles."
by iniq August 16, 2009
A Nuns Headress or Hat
That Nun is wearing a Turple.
by Lindsay McCrudden August 25, 2007