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The turd of the day is the word that appears on the front page of Urban Shitionary. A word that used to be funny and witty, it is now:

1. overused

2. unheard of

3. just plain fucking stupid.
Example #1
Jane: Hey, did you see the word of the day? It's so funny, I lawled all over myself!
Mary: Yeah? What was it?
Jane: Slackitude!!1! Isn't that funny?!
Mary: ...go fucking die. That was the dumbest turd of the day yet.

Example #2
John: Did you see the word of the day? I have to go get some OPM!
Quieshan: No, you need to shut the fuck up. You know damn well you didn't know what the fuck that was until you looked at Urban Shitionary. Go die with the turd of the day.

Example #3
Shannon: Liek OMG the word of the day was taken from P. Hilton! Loves it!
Chuck Norris: Unless you want me to give you a roundhouse kick to the face like I'm giving the turd of the day, I suggest you shut the fuck up.
by Angry Violist October 22, 2008
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