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A Holiday created at Miami University (OH) b/c the school scheduled spring break over St. Pattys. It takes place every year the Thursday before Spring Break and is celebrated by bars opening at 5:30 am and students drinking Green Beer all day while still going to classes. Teachers try to stop this by scheduling exams but the students realize the Green Beer Day is more important and just show up drunk.

To show support of the day students wear t-shirts made for the day, green and gold mardi gras beads and often have mouths dyed green because of the amount of beer they have consumed.
I love Green Beer Day I have already passed out twice and it is only 3pm!!

I can't wait for Green Beer Day!!

What did I do on Green Beer Day, I wonder if i went to that exam.
by Drea Welke March 22, 2005
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GBD is a day when miami university (ohio) students, and the locals, get wastey pants off green beer. usually, everyone ends the night with the poops and all the sluts puke an unfamiliar green (pink and blue vom is usually in their repertoire.)
OMG I can't wait for Green Beer Day, I'm so totes going to puke on that guys crotch.
by miami bitch March 02, 2012
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