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A word that makes it to "word of the day" status on which is not actually in common usage but is in fact the creation of a modern-day Shakespeare-wannabe.
Dude 1: "Hey, dude, I don't want to go with my girlfriend to the opera this November."

Dude 2: "Dude, tell her that it is... uh.. Brovember, and that you have to hang out with your bros." (polishes off bottle of Jagermeister)

Dude 1: "Awesome, if I post it on Urban Dictionary then I can show her that this is a real thing and then I won't have to go!"

Satan (listening nearby): "I will ensure that this becomes an Urban-Dictionary-Turd-of-the-Day. Muhuhuhahaha!"
by phandaal November 13, 2011
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