Worse than a Bitch! Major Bitch! The biggest Bitch imaginable!
Man...This woman I know is a turbo-bitch! She called Children's Services when her brother's girlfriend tried to leave him, So that she'd lose her kids to his lazy ass! Hell, He can't even get out of bed long enough to see his kids, let alone RAISE Them!
by S. Duffey November 28, 2007
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When you stick your big fat penis in her cornhole and try to shoot your load but instead she blows the biggest fucking fart u have ever seen. Putting your dick on fire from her after burn. Don't forget to put ice on your penis afterwards.
Dude your girl friend is the biggest turbo bitch ever.
by Mada Ab Dule Jafar February 21, 2005
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A woman who operates, consistently, at a higher level in every facet in the workplace. In the workplace she is a real go-getter and a get-it-doner with the persistence of a pit-bull
Person 1: Wow ever since these new hires came onto the worksite I can't keep up with the pace. Its like their turbo-charged or something..
Person 2: Yeah, no wonder they them call them Turbo Bitches. Just stay out of their way and you won't get ran over.
by dezmflewis July 8, 2021
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A Turbo spacka bitch goes beyond that of a ordinary spacka bitch. Turbo fuelled with alcohol.

Sexually retarded, peculiarly deformed. A TSB is just a bitch bully in a skirt.
Andrew said Trudie slapped his leg said he smells, fat and lives in dungeon so he called her a turbo spacka bitch (TSB)
by Cum Dumps October 6, 2019
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