2 definitions by Cum Dumps

This tuna loving gnome known as the Sunderland leg humper will do anything for a latest squeeze.

Loves banging tins of tuna right up a fat snatch so far the bitch would taste it. John west has nothing on him.

This randy little trout sniffer often found in Arizona Sunderland sporting a Metallica t-shirt, sweat dripping from those dank pits.

Women from far and wide hunt him for his ginger locks
Space hopper Metallica tits says “oooh hitting town tonight, meet at the back of Arizona bitch

“I’d say let’s get a kebab on route home but al make u a tuna bake slag”
by Cum Dumps October 04, 2019
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A Turbo spacka bitch goes beyond that of a ordinary spacka bitch. Turbo fuelled with alcohol.

Sexually retarded, peculiarly deformed. A TSB is just a bitch bully in a skirt.
Andrew said Trudie slapped his leg said he smells, fat and lives in dungeon so he called her a turbo spacka bitch (TSB)
by Cum Dumps October 05, 2019
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