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A female not content with the accoutrements of standard skankhood who purposefully wears clothing with rips and tears in the fabric.
Randy : Fuck man, check that bitch.

Andy : What Shelly, that girls a turbo skank dude. You sink your pole, and you'll be at the VD clinic tomorrow.
by darker July 19, 2009
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A Turbo Skank is a female (normally with below average intelligence and common sense) whom is known to be sexually active, but who whole heartily denies the fact. When confronted on this fact the Turbo Skank becomes overly defensive and on rare occasions violent.
BEWARE: The Turbo Skank is known to enlist her normal skank friends to gang up on the accusing male. Always attack in groups.
Guy: Hey! I herd you fucked around with some dude this weekend.
Turbo Skank: NO!! YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD DO THAT? (to friend) Lets spread vicious rumors and childishly ignore him.
Guy: Damn it i should have attacked in a group...
by Mr. McGillahardie November 09, 2008
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