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An MA70 Supra that was highly modified for Group A racing. Released in 1987, the Turbo A was exceptionally fast and turned alot of heads. Only 500 were ever made thus making it extremely rare. In addition to it's rarity, It was only released in Japan. All 500 cars were painted black and sported black rims. The powerplant was a specially tuned 7M-GTE 3.0 liter I6 DOHC single turbo engine that squeezed out 270 HP stock. The car also was equipped with an intercooler and an upgraded CT-26 turbo known as the CT-26(A). The car posed a major threat to most cars then and now. It was dubbed the most powerful Japanese car until 1989 when the R32 Skyline GT-R was released (280 HP). The Turbo A was not so different form the original MA70 Supra when it comes to the exterior looks, execpt the Tri-vent on the front bumper and the fact it sat lower. The Turbo A will always be known as one the most revolutionary Japanese GT car of the late 1980's and beyond.
That Turbo A is Haulin' ass
by Muscle/Tuner Pride October 07, 2007
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