Turbo Virgins are people who do not like relationships and is disgusted at the thought of having sex with anyone. they are so hateful towards anything related to sex that they will literally die if they even nut
guy 1: bro look at that guy hissing at that female!
guy 2: oh yeah, that's just Dave. he is a total Turbo Virgin.
by Autismo 6607 July 20, 2019
A person that actively repels members of the opposite/same sex. Turbo virgins are not limited to sex or sexuality. A turbo virgin is essentially being the supreme incel.
“Johnny is such a turbo virgin. He gave this girl a free ride to the beach, and didn’t even get no wet wet

“Wow Johnny really is a turbo virgin”
by Fat Nephew September 7, 2021
Man 1: who’s that fat guy over there calling me a “simp”?
Man 2: oh that’s just a turbo virgin
by Kronk December 28, 2021
People who play CS:GO and are in T-spawn with their dirty cheats. And they also look like Jabbi.
by MikeyyM June 9, 2022